CHICAGO (CBS) — A nursing home chain has come to the aid of an Englewood community center which found its outreach shortened by the theft of its computer system.

Founder Jean Carter Hill says her “Imagine Englewood If” store front community center is back in business with donation of a brand new computer system to replace the one ripped off by burglars at the beginning of the month.

Carter Hill says thieves pried open the burglar bars, jimmied the door at 730 W 69th St and made off with her master administrative computer and files, as well as five other computers used for teaching the kids.

“We do peace circle, journalism, media. We try to meet the needs of the families,” said Carter-Hill.

Hill founded “Imagine Englewood If” twenty years ago and runs tutoring programs, helps kids with college applications and essays and provides shelter for those who just need a place to go till their parents are home.

Carter-Hill says she’s proudest of two graduates from the Imagine Englewood If program who are now at U of I and Howard.

And she said she’s back in business now that Alden Princeton Rehab Center came up with a brand new HP desktop, a monitor printer and flash drive, so if it happens again she’ll still have her records.

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