What The TSA Found In Checked Bags This Month

Some of the weapons found by the TSA this month. (Credit: TSA Blog)

Some of the weapons found by the TSA this month. (Credit: TSA Blog)

CHICAGO (CBS) — In the first two weeks of December, airport security agents discovered a total of 71 firearms at the nation’s airports, including 60 that were loaded.

Two of those guns was found at Midway, according to a list provided by the Transportation Security Administration. None was found at O’Hare.

In addition, 18 of the 60 loaded guns had ammunition in the chamber, the TSA said.

The TSA provided photos of at least 14 of the weapons that were found in carry on luggage. The two guns at Midway were not found in carry-on bags.

Passengers can travel with firearms in checked baggage, but they must first be declared to the airline, according to the TSA.

That’s not all.

TSA agents found several stun guns as well.

One was even disguised to look like a pink cell phone (found in Jackson. Miss.). Another looked like a flashlight (found in Memphis).

Screeners also found lots of knives in all shapes and sizes at several airports along with inert hand grenades at the airports in Seattle, Austin and Detroit.

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