(Credit: National Weather Service)

(Credit: National Weather Service)

CHICAGO (CBS) — Snow, rain, ice? All of the above?

About the only thing for certain right now is that the Chicago area will potentially see a large amount of precipitation on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Exactly what form it will take is uncertain as weather forecasters track a storm that will move into the area on Saturday afternoon.

Right now, if the forecast models hold, most of Chicago will see rainfall, with some freezing rain on Saturday night, followed by some snowfall on Sunday morning.

Areas north of the city, along the Wisconsin border, will likely experience freezing rain and more snow.

Locations south of Chicago will have mostly rain. There is a threat of flooding.

All of that is subject to change, according to CBS 2’s Megan Glaros, because the rain/snow line could shift.

If that line slides south, the area could still get a heavy amount of snow.

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