EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — The mother and sister of two Evanston brothers who were murdered in July don’t believe that police solved the case when an officer shot and killed a bank robbery suspect earlier this week.

Evanston police say the evidence clearly points to 29-year-old Kevin Ross as the man who murdered Mobeen and Azim Hakeem in their tobacco shop.

Ross was shot to death by an officer on Monday after, police say, he refused to drop his weapon following a bank robbery.

The Hakeem’s sister, Farheen, doesn’t believe Ross murdered her brothers, saying, “I believe this is a lead on convenience. It’s an opportunity for them to say, alright family, you can be quiet now because we have a suspect and the suspect’s dead and there’s nothing we can do.”

The Hakeem’s Mother, Mahjabeen, thinks it was a hate crime.

“My oldest son Azim, got seven bullets in his head and the second son got five bullets.” She said, “the police want to hide the hate crime and then put it on Kevin Ross. This is not justice. This is not justice,” she says.

Evanston police commander Jay Parrott says its unfortunate the family feels this way. Police recovered one of the brother’s ID’s and the other’s social security card in Ross’s storage unit.

They also found a receipt indicating Ross had been at the brothers’ shop before and a bullet casing matching those found at the crime scene.

Parrott says the crime lab is working with the evidence.

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