(CBS) — The search for 31-year-old Cathryn McGill, a former Des Plaines woman who was swept away in a river in southwestern Indiana in late December, has been scaled back.

Officer Joe Haywood with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources tells WBBM it was a strong current that swept the truck carrying Cathryn McGill and her husband Adam off Highway 257.

Adam was rescued, Cathryn was not. “The primary search area that we thought she would be in,” Haywood says, “she wasn’t there. The probability is that she got out to the main stream of the White River.”

Haywood says they are now conducting periodic patrols but won’t be out there every day as they were before.

“In previous dealings with cold water drownings, the way that works it’s typically a couple of months before that body surfaces.”

Investigators remain in contact with Cathryn McGill’s family, but not every day. “If they have questions they’re calling our office. We don’t want to call them every day or every week (because) they’re probably going to think that’s the phone call.”

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