CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday allowed Chicago’s bid for 6-month delay to let city prepare for gun sales.

Later in the week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said the mayor had instructed city attorneys to ask for the six-month delay.

The city said it would not appeal “if the effect” of the judge’s order is delayed.

The city said it needs the six months to for gun sales because any ordinance will “have many detailed components, including zoning, licensing, and operational requirements for gun dealers, as well as robust regulations targeting illegal sales and transfer practices …”

The motion also said it will take time for the City Council to enact an ordinance.

The attorneys point out in the motion that when a federal court struck down Illinois’ last-in-the-nation ban on carrying concealed weapons, it gave state lawmakers 180 days to write a new law that legalized the practice.

That law was subsequently passed, and Illinois residents have started to apply for permits with the Illinois State Police.

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