By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — The hot jobs for 2014 are out and this year’s list includes much more than the usual high tech white collar finance careers.

Some of the fasting growing jobs not only pay well, but don’t necessarily require a suit and tie.

Lisa Hua knows better than most that it’s nice to be wanted. She just started her career in one of the hottest jobs for 2014, physical therapy. Hua had her pick of jobs, some offering $37.00 an hour.

“I probably applied to around six companies and hospitals,” Hua said. “I had interviews at all six places so I had offers from four and there were two I didn’t even wait to hear back from because I accepted the job at ATI.

Rosemary Haefner works in human resources at Career Builder and says this year’s list is particularly good news.

“What’s a nice, pleasant surprise, we’re seeing some of the positions come back that we haven’t seen in a while,” Haefner said. “Some of the training positions, some of what we would consider back office, your finance, your accounting, your marketing.”

And these jobs pay well, like Training and Development Specialists making $27.00 an hour, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists making an hourly wage of $29.00, and even Software Developers earning $45.00 an hour. Software Developers like Dave Willkomm say they aren’t surprised to hear they make the list.

“I’m recruited every so often from recruiters on Linkedin,” Willkomm said. “I do appreciate that it’s a good position to be in.”

This is good, because managers like Michael Westover at Fidelity Life are looking for full time workers.

“We used to use contractors, temporary help, we’re hiring more people as employees and the reason for that is the economy picked up and our business picked up,” Westover said. “There’s less uncertainty.”

High salaried positions aren’t the only ones considered hot this year. Jobs like interpreters and translators making $22.00 hourly and Meeting, Convention and Event Planners earning $23.00 also made the list.

Susan Cordogan from Big City Bride said the company has been steadily growing each year and they are always looking to hire more people.

“I look for well rounded person. It’s not always grades. It’s not always the school. But what have they done to expose themselves to event planning,” Cordogan said.

While many of this year’s hot jobs require at least a four-year degree, recruiters admit the need for talent makes them more generous.

“They’re willing to invest in helping the candidates who are maybe just shy of what they need in credential-wise and to bring them up to speed,” Haefner said.

Some of the jobs are so hot, many companies are offering candidates signing bonuses to lure them in.

For the full list of hot jobs for 2014, click here.

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