By Bruce Levine–

(CBS) — The Chicago Cubs invited both Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux and infielder Ryne Sandberg to the Cub Convention this weekend.

According to Marketing director Alison Miller, both had previous engagements to attend.

“Sandberg had a personal thing and Maddox had a conflict with the Rangers,” Miller said from the convention on Saturday. “It may have been the Rangers fan fest this weekend (for Maddux). We are also inviting them for later in the season ”

Sandberg, the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, will be in town to play the Cubs during the season. Maddux, one of the newly elected Hall of Fame inductees, will be asked by the Cubs to attend for a special day to celebrate his recent honor.

“With our 100 year celebration of Wrigley Field this year, Maddux said he would love to come,” said Miller. “Obviously Wrigley is an important part of his career and he expressed some interest in coming to a game early in April.”

April 23 is the official 100 year celebration birthday party for Wrigley Field. The Cubs are planning to bring back a large group of former players for that game

“Greg said that day sounded good to him,” Miller said. “He said he would check it through the Rangers but that he would circle that one on his calendar to try and get here for.”

Miller said the topic of inviting former slugger Sammy Sosa to the convention always is mentioned.

“It got brought up in the (owner’s panel) I think (Tom Rickett’s) answer is the best to go on. We have had conversations internally but the ball is in Tom’s camp on that one.”

The Cubs may invite Sosa in the future, sources told me the cloud of the steroids era in baseball is still too fresh to consider that move now.

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