(CBS) — Republican candidate for Governor Kirk Dillard is sounding a theme that may be welcome to some motorists. He’s suggesting a cut to one of the state’s two gasoline taxes.

“We have a sales tax on gasoline in addition to our regular motor fuel tax,” said Kirk Dillard.

Standing across from a BP Station at Clark and LaSalle, Dillard proposed eliminating most of the state’s sales tax on gasoline.

“My plan today would save the average family at least $170 a year, money they could use for school books or clothing,” said Dillard.

So how would he make up the $450 million that now comes into the state treasury?

“You can make up the revenue a number of ways. The best way is to grow your economy,” said Dillard.
He admits that is no sure thing and spending cuts might be needed.

Republican rival Bruce Rauner says the entire tax code should be reformed and the tax burden lowered. Dillard says yes, that too.

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