GLENCOE, Ill. (CBS) — An 82-year-old Glencoe man, who’s suffering from dementia, is still missing despite a second concerted day of searching by police and volunteers.

Police from several agencies participated in the search Thursday for the missing man, Harvey Caplin, which was concentrated between Lake-Cook and Dundee Roads in Glencoe.

Deputy Police Chief Alan Kebby said that a Cook County Sheriff’s Police helicopter, equipped with infrared equipment found nothing. So did police from several agencies on the ground, and a team of divers.

“We’re planning a search of the forest preserve area, and the area around his house, with a number of volunteers on Saturday,” Kebby said. “We’ll see where we go from there.”

Kebby said Caplin’s description has been given to an ever-widening number of hospitals and shelters.

Kebby said Harvey Caplin walked out of his home Tuesday evening and was seen a short time later walking along Dundee Road. He’s believed to be wearing a black leather jacket, a white T-shirt and dark blue running pants. He’s been known to walk to Starbuck’s, libraries, grocery stores and the nearby Erickson Woods Forest Preserve.

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