By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) – The wretched cold weather is taking a toll on local businesses.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

There’s a lull at Andy’s Frozen Custard in Evanston.

“Since it’s cold, we make a little less than normal,” manager Jose Rivas says.

Rivas says it’s a lull that’s lasted most of this frigid month. He estimates business has dipped 20 percent.

There’s no question other restaurants are feeling the colder-than-normal effects, too.

Roka Ador general manager Steve Tindles says reservations at his River North restaurant have dropped from about 150 nightly in October to about 50.

They’ve changed restaurant hours, as well.

Morningstar retail analyst Paul Swinand says consumer-based businesses, in general, are likely going to be down this month due to brutal weather everywhere. But January is considered retail’s slowest month, anyway.

This week’s downside could bring tomorrow’s business boost, he adds.

“If spring breaks, and there’s some pent-up demand, that could actually be a positive effect for retail,” Swinand says.

A spokesperson for Choose Chicago says hotel room demand is up this month, but that includes New Year’s Day.

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