Updated 4:07 p.m. on 02/02/2014

(CBS) — Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and could remain there for a few more days.

Katten Muchin Rosenman law firm spokeswoman Jacqueline Heard told CBS 2 that Daley will remain hospitalized at least through Monday and possibly until mid-week until all tests are complete.

Heard says that it is still unknown what is ailing Daley but that, “it doesn’t appear to be anything major.”

Daley was taken to the hospital after returning from Arizona Friday evening, according to a statement from Rick Jascula, a long-time friend of the Daley family.

While on the way back from Arizona, Daley reportedly became disoriented on the plane. His family had an ambulance waiting for him at the plane when it landed. The mayor walked off the plane and was brought directly to the hospital.

Heard says when she left the ICU at Northwestern Saturday night, Daley was resting – watching TV with his family and eager to get on with things and get out of the hospital.

As for those reports that he may have suffered stroke-like symptoms, she says that’s the first she’s heard of that.

She says Daley had said, “‘I don’t quite feel well,’ not that his head hurt or anything.”

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says, “My thoughts and prayers are with him.”

Durbin says he and Daley are members of the same parish and Daley’s name was mentioned in prayers this morning.

“We’re pulling for him and wishing him the best,” Durbin says. “He’s a tough cookie and I think he’ll bounce back and I’m looking forward to it.”

At the age of 71, Mayor Daley has an incredibly busy schedule. He is a partner at Katten Muchin law firm, on the board of Coca Cola, a business consultant traveling around the world and he lectures at the University of Chicago.

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