By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – As many people brace for news about more snow and cold in the forecast, one Chicago man is bracing for news much more daunting: whether he’ll be forced to live outside in the conditions.

Zac Lowing is preparing for to be homeless again, CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.

Lowing, at age 50, lives in a little apartment, his rent subsidized by his eye.

He’s Chicago’s Alley Walker and uses a cell phone. He’s captured images of apathy, beauty, unfiltered. You’ll only see them if stray from the worn path.

Lowing strayed. He saw his old life, condo, et al circle the drain in a haze of whisky.

He was two years at the shelter and has been on his own for six months.

“It’s hard to explain what the anxiety does do you,” he says.

His art has seen public showings and gets website clicks. Last month, years sober, he almost slipped and wrote on Facebook: “I’m just able to make this month. Almost got drunk instead.”

Instead, he found a photo.

This month, he’s close to becoming a part of the alleyways he portrays.

“I just feel really bad that I’m going to let a lot people down,” Lowing says.

His worry is multiplied by another wintry forecast. He didn’t make rent, and he’s awaiting eviction — one of the many on the margins.

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