GARY, Ind. (CBS) — In Gary Indiana, there are a lot of confused and angry drivers because the city is enforcing a parking law because of the snow.

The problem isn’t just plowing the streets, it is clearing main streets of parked cars so the snow can be plowed. Signs posted on snow routes clearly state no parking after a two-inch snowfall.

“They feel like they can park their car in front of their house and it’s understandable but according to the law you can’t,” said Gabrielle King of the Gary Police Department.

Now the cops and the tow trucks are out in force.

“I towed 14 earlier today,” said Hugh Major of Hugh’s towing.

But both police and tow truck drivers are seeing real anger from residents.

Gary police spent a lot of time helping neighbors push drivers in trouble and towing vehicles parked where parking is banned right now- and the owners aren’t around.

Detective Tom Aguilar normally works murders as a crime scene investigator.
But the snow emergency pushed the police department to ask all available officers to help pave the way for plows.

“Most of the major thoroughfares in the city have to be clear for emergency purposes,” said Aguilar.

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