(CBS) – Tenants last week complained of gaps in security at their Rogers Park apartment building after a resident was sexually assaulted in the laundry room.

The local alderman demanded immediate action. Did he get it?

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez paid a visit.

Forty-Ninth Ward Ald. Joe Moore again inspected the property, in the 1200 block of West North Shore Avenue, where the front gate remained unlocked. But doors that were unsecured last week were locked on Thursday.

Other issues – such as broken window panes – remained.

Inspectors issued 21 citation for code and safety violations.

Two tenants told Martinez this week they don’t think enough has been done since a woman was jumped and sexually assaulted in a laundry room at the building.

“If I were a landlord I would certainly do whatever needed to be done to make the building I own safe for the tenants that I rented to,” Moore says. “It seems like here, based on our inspection today, the landlord so far has done just the bare minimum.”

The landlord did not return phone messages for this report.

Police say they have no suspect in last week’s attack.

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