(CBS) — Former Chicago White Sox GM and current Executive Vice President Kenny Williams told 670 The Score that he is probably more excited for this year’s Spring Training than any other year since 2006.

“My energy and excitement level is off the charts right now because I am excited about seeing Abreu and Eaton and Davidson mixed in with the guys we already have in place,” said Williams.

“It is a very difficult thing to turn over your roster and turn it over quickly and think that you have the ability to compete initially and you have got on your side age and improvement that is going to come with it and then we have got financial flexibility as well.”

Williams also explained his role with the team and how he works with current GM Rick Hahn.

“I had my nose to the grindstone for a number of years on a day-to-day basis, Rick really drives this bus now and he has the conversation with all of the GMs, with all of the agents and if I am needed to use my prior relationship with an agent or a player or whomever then I come in on the back end of things,” said Williams.

“It has freed me up to get out and scout a Jose Abreu for instance or to try and go to get more information on a guy like Tanaka.”

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