(CBS) The Twitter account @SochiProblems has been a sensation in the lead-up and during these Winter Olympics, cracking jokes and retweeting the scenes and rhetoric of the inconveniences that Sochi has caused.

So who’s behind the account? That would be 20-year-old Alex Broad, a journalism student at Centennial College in Canada, according to thestar.com.

Broad created the account while sitting in class last Tuesday, he said, and he had no idea it’d take off like it did.

“I only expected it would hit maybe 15 to 30 followers, just kind of a joking account that might grab the attention of a few, not a few hundred thousand,” Broad told thestar.com.

As of Tuesday late morning, the account had 342,000 followers, more than the official @Sochi2014 account, which had 232,000 followers.

Broad explained how he got the idea to start the account as well.

“I saw a couple of pictures from journalists who were over in Sochi with pictures of their hotel rooms and I started laughing,” he told thestar.com. “The first thought that came to mind was that this was a Canadian problem. That morning I actually spilled a Timmy’s coffee on my plaid jacket, so I kind of started laughing and immediately thought this would be a Sochi problem in a way.”


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