GLENVIEW, Ill. (CBS) — Icicles decorate the front of many a home in Chicago and the suburbs, thanks to the weather we’ve been having, but few are like those on the front of a home in north suburban Glenview.

“They’re gigantic. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” neighbor Carla Flores said.

She said at least 40 icicles have been growing from her neighbors’ roof for up to three weeks.

“My daughters wanted to take it down, because it looks so fun to play with since she’s seen it,” Flores said.

There are plenty of reasons not to leave icicles hanging from your roof. They can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and can cause water to back up and pour into your house.

But they’re pretty, and that is good enough Jerome Ashishtoam and his wife Marcy.

Forty icicles have formed over the past three weeks outside the living room window, but it’s the massive icicle that runs gutter-to-ground, like a pillar, outside the Ashishtoams’ front door that amazes Flores.

“I’m glad it’s not outside our door, because I don’t think you can even get out of your house with it there. It’s just huge,” she said.

The icicle that blocks the front door proved to be a formidable obstacle for a deliveryman leaving a package, but he managed.

Jerome Ashishtoam said he’s never seen anything like the massive icicle outside his front door in the 20 years he’s owned the house.

Despite the risk, he said it will stay until it falls, and it’s so pretty, it’s okay if it takes the gutter with it.

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