CROWN POINT, Ind, (CBS) — A Crown Point couple is hoping for a miracle for their little baby.

In this original report Pamela Jones looks at his rare disorder and his parents plans, against the odds, to beat it.

“He’s beautiful. He’s our little fighter,” said Erika Nikolovski.

Her son 4-month old Landon has been fighting to breathe since he was born. He can’t even swallow, so a breathing tube feeds him.

Landon has hydro ischemic encephalopathy. When he was born, his brain didn’t get enough oxygen, a situation that can kill up to half of the children born with it during their first year.

Erika says doctors told her, “Basically that he’s going to be a vegetable. We don’t know if he’s going to walk talk.”

“During the pregnancy, we never imagined anything like this happening,” said Andrew Nikolovski.

Each gurgled breath brings the fear it could be Landon’s last.

“The problem is, the brain doesn’t grow once the brain is injured,” said Dr. Jonathan Muraskas, a neonatologist at Loyola University Health System.

He says with current technology, it is surprising to hear of any cases like Landon’s.

“There’s no reason why he would be able to advance and live into adulthood,” said Dr. Muraskas.

He says that will come at a cost, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, for treatment.

The Nikolovski’s hope their love touches generous hearts in their community to help.

“Just praying every day that he’s going to be with us,” said Andrew Nikolovski

Landon just had surgery in Chicago to place that tube in his stomach.

People from across the country have been sending donations to help the family. It’s

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