(CBS) — More than 500 elementary and junior high students in Dolton haven’t had classes this week because a water problem forced the school district to close two schools.

No water. No working toilets.

That was the story Monday morning at the building that houses the 530 students at Roosevelt Elementary and Roosevelt Junior High in Dolton.

And Dolton School District 148 Superintendent, Dr. Jayne Purcell, says students were sent home Monday. And for the next two days, classes have been cancelled.

Late on Tuesday – it seemed like the water was flowing again.

“The pressure started going up and everything looked great. And sure enough, no. The pressure started to go down again and everything started to fall apart.”

Dr. Purcell says she’s been working since Monday to get the water on.

“It’s very frustrating. Where do I want the children? I want them in the classroom, getting an education. But I want them there with the building open with all of our water and everything running the way it needs to be.”

Dr. Purcell says there will be classes on Thursday, either at the Roosevelt building – or students will be bused to other schools.

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