By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — With eight inches of snow possible on Monday, this winter stands to become the fourth-snowiest ever–and there are still several more weeks of winter left.

So far this year, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has measured 62.8 inches of snow.

Six more inches on Monday will place this season at No. 4. The seasonal average is around 38 inches.


1) 89.7 IN. 1978-1979
2) 82.3 IN. 1977-1978
3) 77.0 IN. 1969-1970
4) 68.4 IN. 1966-1967
5) 66.4 IN. 1951-1952
6) 64.1 IN. 1917-1918
7) 62.8 IN. 2013-2014
8) 60.3 IN. 2007-2008

While there is a slight warming trend expected this week, there is still time to add even more to that total.

What makes the 2013-14 total even more impressive is the fact that Chicago has escaped a historically massive snowstorm so far this year.

For example, the 1967 total was boosted by the all-time record of 23 inches of snow on Jan. 26-27.

In 1979, 20 inches of snow fell on Jan 13-14, the fourth biggest single snowstorm on record.

The 10th-worst single snowstorm?

March, 1970.

That’s right, March.

A total of 14 inches fell on March 26-27.

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