CHICAGO (CBS) — A huge semi-trailer filled with compressors has parked at Soldier Field to start making ice for the Hawks Penguins NHL game March 1.

The NHL’s ice man is Daniel Craig who has turned football fields into hockey rinks at temperatures up to 84 degrees — though he’s not expecting that when the Hawks take to the ice March 1.

“We’re watching the weather 10-14 days out now and as you can see today we’re almost 40 degrees and in three or four days we are going to be back down into mid 20s again. You wake up in the morning and whatever Mother Nature gives you, you deal with it,” said Craig.

Craig says the secret to good ice is patience, thin, thin layers one after another till he reaches two inches, cooled by three thousand gallons of glycol from the NHL ice trailer now parked behind Soldier Field.

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