(CBS) There are baseball brawls, and then there are baseball brawls.

One of the scary, unique and rarely seen latter types occurred Monday night in a Cuban Baseball League game. All hell broke loose after two Mantanzas batters were hit by pitches following a teammate’s home run earlier in the seventh inning, according to a Baseball America story.

Most stunning are the actions of Mantanzas’ Demis Valdes, who according to Baseball America came off the bench with a bat and takes a full swing at opposing pitcher Freddy Alvarez of Villa Clara. Luckily, Alvarez ducked the vicious swing, or it would’ve been much uglier.

The game was delayed for 16 minutes before finishing, Baseball America reported.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wL8Balbw7c#t=29]

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