(CBS) — A far west suburban woman is staging another Random Act of Kindness Day in honor of her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend who were killed in a car accident three years ago tomorrow.

Dawn Weber started the Random Act of Kindness Day last year in honor of Lexi Weber of Maple Park and Tim Getzelman of Sycamore.

She says, “I was basically down in the dumps because it was coming up on the anniversary…so I just thought, ‘what could we do that’s a good thing to remember them?'”

Last year, Weber says, she bought pizzas for all the firefighters in the Sycamore FD, which is where Tim Getzelman worked.

29-year old Sami Metzger was a friend of the couple. She and her daughter have been brainstorming about the random acts of kindness they’ll be doing tomorrow. Metzger says her daughter “wants to give balloons to the crossing guards”. They’re also planning to adopt a polar bear at the zoo.

Lexi Weber was an NIU student hoping to become a teacher and Tim Getzelman was an intern with the Sycamore Fire Department.

Weber says the Random Act of Kindness Day “makes me feel happy and helps ease the pain and makes it a bright day instead of a dark day.”

Metzger says the day is a way Tim and Lexi continue to make the world a better place.

There’s a Facebook page too. It’s called, In Loving Memory of Tim and Lexi.

Meanwhile, the reckless homicide trial of Patricia Schmidt, the woman charged causing the couple’s deaths, continues next month.

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