By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — When it comes to sexual stamina, Illinois is pretty average.

A new study ranks the average time of intercourse by state, and Illinois placed 28th.

The average couple here takes 2 minutes, 49 seconds from start to finish. The study did not include foreplay.

All of this information comes from data compiled by an app called Spreadsheets that couples can use to quantify their sexual performance, including duration, days in a row and even decibel level.

The app is quite popular in Chicago, which ranks No. 7 worldwide in terms of downloads.

The data was first reported by the website Nerve (Some of which is not safe for work. However, this link is OK).

The state with the most stamina is New Mexico, with an average of 7:01.

Alaska is the worst at 1:21.

For those in Northwest Indiana, you take about 2:26.

Wisconsin? 3:22. (Nicely done, Wisconsin!)

According to Spreadsheets, the average time for intercourse worldwide ranges from three and 10 minutes.

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