CHICAGO (CBS) — A pregnant, convicted bank robber from Milwaukee is in trouble with the law again, this time for trying to carry a gun onto a plane at O’Hare. WBBM’s Bob Roberts was in court.

26-year-old Angelique Kittell claimed through her attorney that she did not know the loaded .25 caliber gun with five bullets in the clip was in her backpack, but an irritated Judge Adam Bourgeois told him to save it for trial and set bond at $50,000.

A TSA screener spotted the gun during scanning of the backpack at O’Hares Terminal 3. The 2008 bank robbery conviction disqualifies her from carrying a gun under any circumstances.

Kittell faces one felony count of boarding an aircraft with a weapon

She is seven months pregnant. Kittell will be held in the Cook County Jail’s Cermack Hospital until bonded out or she gives birth.

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