(CBS) — The city of Chicago raked in more money from parking tickets last year, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger.

A new analysis shows after years of steady declines, the city issued 2.5 million tickets in 2013, a six percent increase from 2012.

Mike Brockway, who runs the website theexpiredmeter.com, says the biggest increase came in the number of tickets issued by Chicago Police, a 19 percent raise. Share ticketing duties with employees of Chicago Parking Meters LLC, the private company that leases the meters.

Brockway says part of that increase is because officers were reassigned from desk duty so more are out on the street.

“A few years ago, when we started seeing the decline from the police department, there were some contract issues with former Mayor Daley which basically put a lot of the police officers not in the frame of mind to be generating revenue for the city of Chicago,” said Brockway.

Police officers last year wrote more than one million parking tickets, almost 170,000 more than the year before.

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