CHICAGO (CBS) — Next week starts ISAT testing and a parents’ group is calling for a boycott.

Julie Fain, a parent and organizer of More Than A Score, says there are too many tests as is and holding the ISAT next week daily for six days is a waste of time, especially since the test is being phased out.

“We don’t need this ISAT this year and it is a real waste of time, it is a real waste of money especially when we have four makeup days already added to the calendar.

Fain’s group joined PURE and Parents 4 Teachers at school board headquarters to let parents know there will be no repercussions for their children if they opt out of next week’s planned ISAT test.

CPS issued this written statement in response:

“We encourage parents to support their children taking the ISAT as it provides results for teachers that allow schools to tailor instructional planning each year while also giving teachers and students a first glimpse at what an exam aligned to the Common Core State Standard will look like, helping the District ensure that every child is on track to graduate 100% college ready and 100% college bound.”


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