HINSDALE, Ill. (CBS) — The Hinsdale Police Department is looking for some *video* help from residents in solving future crimes.

The Hinsdale Police Department is putting together a registry of homeowners who have video surveillance systems and would be willing to share video with police in case a crime takes place in their community.

Hinsdale PD would NOT be getting a constant stream of video from homeowners. It would just know who to count on for help if a crime happens in a particular area.

According to deputy chief Mark Wodka (pronounced like vodka but with a “w” sound), “All that’s required of residents to sign up for the program is fill out online form and provide us their address.”

Hinsdale Police Deputy Chief Mark Wodka says that, until now, police have gone through the time-consuming task of canvassing a neighborhood asking if anyone might have a helpful video. He also says people have called to offer videos when things have happened in their community.

He also says he’s hoping burglars hear this story and are frightened away by the prospect of video helping to put them behind bars.

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