(CBS) – In two weeks, a Wheaton man will run from one side of the state to the other — 150 miles in all – four his 4-year-old daughter who has a neurological disorder.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports the father hopes to help find a cure.

Cammy Babiarz has Rett Syndrome, a rare disorder caused by a gene mutation.

“One thing we can control about Rett Syndrome is raising funds that they need to continue the research that they’re making,” her father, Bill, says. “There are five clinical trials going on right now across the world, and they’re making real progress.”

He and his wife hope to raise the dollars one step at a time.

“Sometimes you got to do things a little out of the box and cause a little attention,” Bill says.

He plans to run 150 miles in five days, from Fulton in northwestern Illinois to Buckingham Fountain.

Bill will be thinking of his daughter “through every step of the way,” he says.

“It’s very difficult for her to take one step let alone two or three, so you’ve got to think about that when you’re out there running,” the father says. “She just doesn’t give up, she works so hard, harder than any kid I have ever seen.”

Bill starts his five-day run on March 12.

He has raised $33,000 but has $17,000 more to go.

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