WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) — President Barack Obama celebrated a special young man and a special program on Thursday.

Hyde Park Academy junior Christian Champagne introduced the President at the unveiling of a new program called, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

“It’s stressful. I’ve been over the speech a couple times and it’s started to hit me the hours are winding down,” said Champagne.

Outside the White House before his big moment, Christian admitted he was a bit nervous. But when the time came, he killed it.

The President was impressed, just as Mayor Emanuel knew he would be when he visited with students who are part of the Becoming a Better Man mentorship program at Hyde Park Academy last year.

“If you ask me, I’m proud that the President was touched. I said to him if you see this and experience it you’ll walk in one way and you’ll walk out different because these kids will touch your lives,” said Emanuel.

“We’re committed to building in what works,” said Obama. “No matter who you are or where you came from, the circumstances in which you are born, if you work hard, if you take responsibility you can make it in this country.”

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