(CBS) About a year ago, Pepsi ran an ad that featured NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon apparently scaring the daylights out of a car salesman by unexpectedly driving like a maniac. In the ad, the salesman thought it was a simple test drive before a man who looked like Gordon went tearing around in a wild ride.

Thing was, the whole commercial was a fake, and it took about a day before the website Jalopnik, a Gawker Media property that covers the auto industry, reported the truth. It was actually a stunt man, not Gordon, who drove the car, and every person in the video was an actor.

Well, Jeff Gordon wasn’t about to be one-upped. So he worked back channels and recently pulled a prank on the Jalopnik writer who reported the story, Travis Okulski.

This time around, it was Okulski who really did get the ride of his life. The ad is called “Test Drive 2.” Check it out below and read the full story here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRIgmKGDqFM]

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