By Derrick Blakley

CHICAGO (CBS) — Frigid weather is also behind the water woes endured by residents in a Bucktown building. They’ve gone more than two weeks without water.

Residents told CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley, it’s turned everyday life into an ordeal.

Every day, for the last 17 days, William Griffel’s routine has been hauling several gallons of water up four flights to his Bucktown condo, just so he can flush his toilets.

“I’m not getting any answers,” said Griffel.

The problem, it seems, is outside the building, in the frozen ground underneath.

It’s because of frozen pipes underground, which has caused the buffalo box to break and everything else,” said Adam Steinman, the landlord.

What’s more, miscommunication may have delayed the response. A city spokesman said water crews came out multiple times, but were repeatedly told by someone there was no problem, so the crews went away.

Who sent the water crews packing? The tax office on the ground floor says it wasn’t them and residents deny it, too.

The water cutoff isn’t even connected, but city records show service was restored Thursday. Tell that to William Griffel.

“I don’t want to break my lease, but if I have to, maybe that’s the next step, to go find a new place to live,” said Griffel. “I can’t live like this.

Whatever the mixup, a water department spokesman says they received calls this weekend that the water isn’t working and crews are coming this week to get the water flowing, hopefully, once and for all.

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