STREAMWOOD (CBS) — Streamwood police are hoping to catch a killer based on the way he walked at the scene of a gas station robbery and fatal stabbing nearly a year ago.

It happened March 16 at the Thornton’s gas station on Barrington Road.

Enhanced video released on Tuesday shows a man dressed all in black, including a hood, mask and gloves, walking around the business.

“It depicts the gait, movements and mannerisms of the killer,” said Streamwood Police Chief James Keegan.
“Please pay particular attention to the killer’s walk, build and body language. As seen in the video, this killer went to great lengths to avoid detection and conceal his appearance.”

Keegan said the victim, 24-year-old Andy Jaiswal, did not put up a fight.

“Andy was quietly going about his duties in an unsuspecting manner when he was brutally and violently stabbed to death by a would-be robber,” Keegan said. “A docile, quiet and unassuming victim, Andy offered no resistance to his killer.”

The chief hopes someone notices something about how the suspect walks or that someone might come forward for the $27,000 reward.

“Someone out there saw something,” Keegan said. “Someone out there heard something and someone out there knows something.”

The chief said the victim came here from India for a better life and instead experienced the evil of someone void of a conscience.

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