(CBS) — Meredith Sinclair of Meredithplays.com shares some of the hottest toy trends for spring and summer.

1. Crayola
A. Crayola Paint Maker: 8 and up, $24.99 big box stores – Available this summer
B. My Virtual Fashion Show: $24.99 Kohls

A. Rebelle Dolphin Bow: $16.99 Target
B. Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow $19.99 Target

3. Razor
A. Razor Jr. Monster Kix Scooter 3 and up, $44.99 ToysRUs available this spring
B. Razor Jr. Kuties 3 and up, 44.99 ToysRUs available this spring
C. Razor Rift caster scooter 8 and up 69.99 ToysRUs available now.

4. Gazillion Bubbles Typhoon: 19.99

5. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: 14.99 ToysRUs

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