(CBS) — A 21st century girl and her ukulele, Allegra Rosenberg’s indie-rock music is Made in Chicago.

At 18, the Niles North High School honors student has had her music played on and covered by the BBC. She’s a noted Doctor Who fan and recognized by the series’ fans at conventions. When she’s not recording or doing homework, she writes screenplays and fiction. You can buy her music on iTunes or directly from her “Stop! It’s Ginger Time” Tumblr site.

She says this week’s obsessions are the series True Detective, Red Dwarf, and of course, Doctor Who.

“Those are the big ones right now but if you asked me a month ago I would have said something completely different,” said Rosengberg.

Dr. Who is what made her an Internet sensation. Her favorite writer, Neil Gaiman, slaved for months to write one installment of the long-running BBC series. Allegra liked it so much she wrote a song about it.

“A few weeks later he tweeted it to his over a million twitter followers and that is what got me my first 1,000 subscribers. So that was pretty cool,” said Rosenberg.

While she is precocious and prolific as a songwriter, she’s typical in other ways. She does costumes for school plays. In fact, she loves pretty dresses of all kinds. And she’s willing to use that songwriting talent to get them.

“I’m always up to write songs, so commission me,” said Rosenberg.

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