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(CBS) — You don’t need a guitar, piano or horn section to make quality music.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield introduces us to three guys who make beautiful sounds with their harmonicas.

Sometimes the instrument is known as a mouth organ. With blues musicians, it’s called a harp. But these three players prefer the generic name. That’s why they are known as the Windy City Harmonica Trio.

Bud Boblink plays the lead. He and Ron Agnew have been playing the instrument for 60 years. Agnew masters the 2-foot-long chord harmonica.

Having played the instrument for 10 years, Bill Morris, with his bass harmonica, says they are keeping the tradition of the harmonica trio alive.

“The important note is your first note, and you make it big and then you make it short and get out of the way because the other guys have a lot more interesting stuff to play,” he says.

Incidentally, Morris says playing the harmonica is good for his lungs with all that breathing in and breathing out.

“I’m asthmatic, so it’s really good for me to force me  to expand my lungs, and it’s really helped me from the standpoint of breathing,” he says.

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