(CBS) — Sixty people rallied in Melrose Park for an end to deportations that split families, and said they want the President to make the policy change by executive order.

Many were undocumented, or have family members who are in the United States illegally.

One was Denise, who chose not to give her last name. She is 16. Her parents brought her into the U.S. when she was one year old. She said she is not afraid to say publicly that she is undocumented. But she said she is afraid for the rest of her family, including younger siblings who were born in the U.S., and are therefore citizens.

“Put yourself in our shoes,” she said. “What would you do without your parents or your siblings? What would you do if anyone in your family was to b e deported under any circumstances? Would you start living in fear and anger and sadness like we are? Help us!”

Speakers in English and Spanish said they believe federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel are lying when they say they only seek to deport violent criminals and drug dealers. One Elgin woman said she was targeted for deportation after a simple traffic stop.

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