Nanci Koschman Hopes Federal Lawsuit Will Uncover Truth About Son’s Death

David Koschman

David Koschman, 21, died in May 2004, 11 days after he was punched and hit his head on a curb during a confrontation on Rush Street. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, news reports indicate Richard J. Vanecko, a nephew of Mayor Richard M. Daley, threw the punch. (Photo Credit: CBS)

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CHICAGO (CBS) — The mother of the young man killed in a brawl with a relative of former Mayor Richard M. Daley has launched a lawsuit she says she hopes will uncover the truth about her son’s death.

Nanci Koschman says she got the apology she wanted from Richard Vanecko for striking the blow that killed her son David ten years ago, but she says special prosecutor Dan Webb’s report showed her the case isn’t over.

“I go to the cemetery and I just keep telling him, ’I’m still fighting for you.’ And this has always been about him, it has never been about me,“ said Koschman.

Attorney Locke Bowman says their lawsuit is about an alleged cover-up to try to protect Vanecko, former Mayor Richard Daley’s nephew.

“What happened here was a trampling upon people’s rights and justice and lawsuits are about vindication. Lawsuits are also about getting answers as well,” said Bowman.

The lawsuit names the city, states attorneys, police officials and others.