(CBS) As one of the most outgoing individuals and athletically gifted tight ends in the NFL, the Bears’ Martellus Bennett isn’t cool with the league’s new rule that will penalize players who dunk the ball through the goal posts in celebration.

In a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon, Bennett — known on Twitter as @MartysaurusRex — expressed thoughts that make it easy to see why he’s endeared himself to so many fans.

[tweet https://twitter.com/MartysaurusRex/status/448559213497679872] [tweet https://twitter.com/MartysaurusRex/status/448559687932207104] [tweet https://twitter.com/MartysaurusRex/status/448560328838623232] [tweet https://twitter.com/MartysaurusRex/status/448560669374173184]

You got to admit, Bennett has some good points. Dunking through the goal posts isn’t an epidemic, though there was legitimate concern in the past when Saints tight end Jimmy Graham set the goal posts askew with a dunk.


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