By Jay Levine

(CBS) — Both Candidates in the 2014 Illinois race for governor are building up their political war chests.

For multi-millionaire challenger Bruce Rauner, it’s been no problem, but Governor Pat Quinn says “don’t worry about me.”

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports that Pat Quinn has more money in the bank than Bruce Rauner.
They’ve raised about the same amount, but Rauner’s burned through much of his during the primary, while Quinn’s had to spend very little.

Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin started their day backing the drive for boosting the federal minimum wage.

The MC for the event was from SEIU, the major state employees union, which gave Quinn $750,000 on Primary Day, part of the $2 million he’s gotten from organized labor. Republican Bruce Rauner’s been critical organized labor’s financial support for Democratic candidates.

“I think he’s gonna find that many people believe when workers stand together, work together and get paid a decent wage, it’s good for the state and good for the nation. I think he’s in for a rude awakening,” said Durbin.

Bruce Rauner has given his campaign $4.3 million dollars since January 1, more than double labor’s support for Quinn.

“There’s no question he has more money than King Midas, but we’ve got more heart. I think we know how to organize grass roots campaigns,” said Quinn.

Quinn started his career playing David to ComEd’s Goliath, founding the Citizens Utility board.

A Democratic email blast went out Monday seeking donors to offset what it calls Rauner’s “…shadowy GOP super PACs and his fellow .01%ers.”

Quinn’s donors aren’t paupers either. The Pritzkers, JB and wife, are backing Quinn to the tune of $240,000. Top Obama donor Fred Eychaner has given half a million dollars.

Republican Rauner in addition to his own $4.3 million, got $250,000 from Fred Griffin, Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s top donor.

Others are hedging their bets. Groupon founder Eric Lefkotsky gave $50,000 to Rauner and $5,000 to Quinn.

With no Primary opponent, Pat Quinn, having raised nearly $5 million this quarter, still has $9 million on hand. Rauner’s raised more but has less, though his extremely deep pockets, an estimated net worth of hundreds of millions, guarantee he’ll never be caught short.

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