While many people first think of the medical profession when it comes to choosing a field to help others; there are many different ways to help someone besides attending to their physical ailments. John Rood is a great example of how he used his degree in social sciences to establish an organization intended to support and guide students to obtain a higher education.

(Photo Courtesy of John Rood)

(Photo Courtesy of John Rood)

How is your education in social sciences related to ultimately becoming an entrepreneur?
“As the founder and president of Next Step Preparation, a national tutoring company based in Chicago, we have helped thousands of students ace the graduate school entrance exams including MCAT, GMAT, LSAT and GRE. I had a part-time job in test preparation while in graduate school which inspired me to look into creating a business in that field. Like many entrepreneurs, I saw that while the company I worked with had many good points, there were several things that could be done to improve their services.”

How has your education in social sciences helped you achieve overall success in your field?
“The benefit to a social sciences education is that you learn how to think through problems very carefully and make connections between different areas of knowledge. That’s very valuable as an entrepreneur as you’re constantly trying to work through new ways of doing things. The writing involved in a formal education is a very valuable skill and more rare than I once thought.”

What are some words of advice you can offer those looking to go into entrepreneurship while obtaining a degree in social sciences?
“First, if you are interested in entrepreneurship, you should find a way to start something on the side right away. The worst thing you can do is have an idea and then wait for the perfect time. It only gets harder as you get older, so think about how you can build your new business night and weekends and get something out in the world as soon as possible.”

Sara Lugardo is a professional writer out of Chicago, Illinois. She has a Bachelor’s in Communication and is currently working on her Master’s. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.

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