CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was attacked on campus in her dormitory shower around 10 Monday a.m.

It happened in the women’s-only bathroom on the fifth floor at the Commons South Residence Hall at 700 S. Halsted Street.

The sexual suspect is in custody thanks to quick actions from students.

UIC student Haley Mcintosh lives down the hall.

“It was around 10:30 I think and I woke up because I heard screaming,” said Mcintosh. “They were screaming like bloody murder and it was really scary.”

Other students came to the aid of the young victim and detained the suspect.

“It was a combination of the police’s prompt response and the students doing their best to impede the escape of the suspect,” UIC spokesman Bill Burton.

“My friend who was there and told him to ‘stop walking away, you’re staying here’ and I heard they held them down,” said Mcintosh.

Although the man is in custody, campus police are nonetheless increasing their dormitory patrols Monday night.
It is still unclear how the intruder, who is not a student and is not affiliated with the university, got into the dormitory

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