(CBS) The dispute between the Cubs and the Wrigley Field rooftop owners is about to gain some more national attention.

The Ricketts family, owner of the Cubs, will be the focus of a profile by “60 Minutes Sports” on Showtime on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

The two sides are butting heads over the Cubs’ desire to upgrade the ballpark with signage that would obscure the view of some of the rooftops. The ongoing dispute is delaying the team’s plan of a $300 million renovation of and around Wrigley Field, MLB’s second-oldest stadium.

The ordeal is headed for the courts, with the rooftop owners threatening to sue and the Cubs wanting the right to control their own ballpark.

“We’re completely comfortable if that’s … where it ends up,” Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts says.  “If we’re putting that much money in, and this is privately financed — several hundreds of millions of dollars — we have to know what rights we have in our own outfield. To not control your own outfield, to put those dollars in and not know if you can put a sign on your own building, that’s nuts. We have to resolve that.”

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