CHICAGO (CBS) — Newspaper boxes are missing from downtown Chicago – and the publisher of at least one of those papers says it’s the city of Chicago that’s removed them.

Chicago’s gay newspaper, the Windy City Times, first heard the news from its drivers and then readers that newspaper boxes were missing downtown.

Publisher Tracy Baim says the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation told her they’d picked them up because of President Obama’s visit, but he was here a week ago.

In the past, Baim says, the city has told them to remove news boxes for things like the marathon. But she says the city policy has been inconsistent and once Windy City Times lost six boxes after they were picked up by the city – never to be seen again.

“As a small newspaper publisher, these boxes cost several hundred dollars each. It’s just difficult to have no communication about this sometimes – or at least inconsistent communication.”

Baim says the city has promised to put the boxes back out and she says she’ll keep watching.

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