(CBS) Stanley Cup playoff tickets for the Blackhawks are in greater demand in Chicago than NBA playoff tickets for the Bulls, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

The Blackhawks open the postseason against the Blues in St. Louis on Thursday and will host Game 3 next Monday followed by Game 4 on April 23. The Bulls will open the playoffs either Saturday or Sunday at home against a still-to-be-determined opponent. Tickets for the Blackhawks’ games are commanding about 30 percent more than tickets for Bulls’ game on the secondary market, according to the Tribune.

One ticket expert told the Tribune that Derrick Rose’s absence and the belief that the Blackhawks have a better chance of winning the title are the specific reasons for the price differential.

Bulls’ tickets for Game 1 ranged from $47 to $1,633 on NBAtickets.com. As of Monday morning, Blackhawks’ tickets for Game 3 ranged from $78 to $1,000 at www.ticketsnow.com/nhl/.




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