By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — Chicago drivers can now pay to park at some meters with an app.

A new program is being test-driven this week.

The pilot program, which will last two to three weeks, is being conducted in the West Loop from Madison to Monroe and Halsted to Racine.

Kapil Mokhat, who recently got a $60 parking ticket, plans to sign up for the parking meter app. Next time he’s visiting his chiropractor in the West Loop, the app would send a ten-minute warning his meter is about to expire.

With the app, motorists would not have to get out of their car, walk to the meter, pay for parking, walk back to the car and put the receipt on the dash.

Instead, download the app, link your credit card with the minimum $20 bucks, and pay from the comfort of your car.

“They’ll type in their license plate number and also their zone number that’s located on the block where they’re parking. Then they can determine how long they wish to stay,” says Scott Burnham, a spokesman for Chicago Parking Meters.

Stay the maximum of two hours and only pay the meter rate. Anything less than two hours and you will pay a 35-cent convenience fee.

Motorists, of course, can continue using pay boxes.

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