(CBS) — Where were you when the rains came?

One year ago, an unrelenting storm system caused widespread flooding in the Chicago area.

More than 100 homes and businesses were underwater in Des Plaines. Some residents have already moved out of the flood plain.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports.

A lotcan change in 365 days.

But at Raymes Restaurant in Lisle, a year hasn’t quite brought the change they hoped to see by now.

Pictures show what happened here: flood waters ruining the decades-old restaurant.

The long winter slowed the new building’s growth.

The old one is set to finally come down next week.

“People are pulling in, they’re driving by, they’re honking,” owner Jerri Nolan says. “You’re so anxious to get people back to doing what they they like to do.”

Recollections run equally deep in Forest View.

“Everybody’s junk from the basement was all by the curb,”Sophie Panzer says.

It’s still an unbelievable memory, vivid now as ever.

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