By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS)The New York Times recently featured a story about a woman in the Pacific Northwest who lives in an 84 square foot home.

That got us to wondering: What is the smallest home in Chicago?

According to a 2012 story in Curbed Chicago, there is a house on the northwest side with 440 square feet. It sold that summer for $45,000.

There seems to be a trend in small-home building.

Just this month, a company called Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, held a workshop in Chicago to show folks who are interested in really simplifying their life how to build a small home that can be moved about on a flat trailer.

Their most popular model, the Cypress, is 130 square feet.

Unlike Dee Williams’ home in Olympia, Wash., the Tumbleweed homes come with a fully functioning bathroom and shower.

According to the NYT story, Williams is perfectly comfortable with her small space and 305 possessions. Many of us have more than that in one closet. She relies on neighbors when she needs to shower.

Williams’ book “The Big Tiny” has just been published. She is planning a book tour, but won’t be hitting Chicago. The closest location will be in St. Louis on April 24.

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