If You Want Cheap Beer At An MLB Stadium, Go To Arizona Or Cleveland

Wrigley Field. (Getty images)

Wrigley Field. (Getty images)

(CBS) One of the charms of attending Major League Baseball games? Drinking a cold beer on a beautiful day. One of the drawbacks of going to MLB games? Paying hefty prices for the said cold beer.

A Business Insider article has revealed that the average price of a small draft beer in MLB parks is $6.09. The most expensive place to make a purchase is in Miami, where the Marlins charge $8 for their smallest beer — which comes in at 16 ounces. At $4, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians offer the cheapest beers, though the Diamondbacks’ glass size is 14 ounces to the Indians’ 12.

The Angels have the best price-per-ounce, offering 16-ounce beers for $4.50.

The Cubs’ small 16-ouncer goes for $7.50, while the White Sox offer a 16-ouncer for $6.50, per research by the Team Marketing Report.

See the full chart here.